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Fall Literacy Night: Monday November
19th 2018 at Viewmont High School 7:00 

Read Across Davis: March 2nd 2019

Classics Month: March 2019

School Library Mission Statement

King Elementary welcomes students, faculty, and staff to explore their love of reading in our library. Our goal is to make life long readers to all who enter our library. Our students will learn library skills, and the joy of reading. Students will learn in a happy, safe, and welcoming environment.


Library Event Highlights

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Students at King Elementary are learning
about the Dewey Decimal System in our library. 


Library Information

Library Information

Policies and Guidelines

King Elementary Library Media Guidelines
Print link for full details of policy.

We want students to form a love of reading early on that stays with them the rest of their lives. To accomplish this they need to read every day.  Students should be reading twenty minutes a day at the minimum.



The library media specialist with input from the principal and teachers schedules library classes. Mrs. Olney will block out selected times for open library, end of the day clean up, and no classes on Fridays. Teachers select the library time that works best for their schedule. Our principal will
approve the library schedule each school year.  Each class is assigned a fixed time in the library media center for instruction and book checkout.  First through sixth grade students receive thirty minutes of library media instruction per week. Kindergarten will come every other week for thirty minutes. Scheduled library classes missed due to holidays, parent-teacher conferences, field trips, assemblies etc. will not be re-scheduled. Teachers may send their students to open library to exchange their books.  The media specialist will not re-schedule library because a teacher forgot. Teachers can send their students to open library to exchange their books. Please send four to five students at a time. If your class is going to miss your library-scheduled time, please notify the media specialist. The media specialist will try to re-schedule library missed due to DIBELS testing or other screenings going on in the library etc. If a time cannot be arranged the students are welcome to come to open library to exchange their books.

The library media specialist will supervise the students during their scheduled time.  When not in use for scheduled classes, the library will be available for flexible scheduling. Their teacher will accompany students during any flexibly scheduled time.

Faculty and staff should schedule with the Mrs. Olney if they need to use the library when Mrs. Olney is not having classes.  DIBELS testing and hearing screenings etc. should be scheduled with the principal and Mrs. Olney at least a week before the event so Mrs. Olney can reschedule classes if needed.  Fridays work best for all day use of the library since no library classes are held that day. Whenever the library is in use by faculty or staff, the library needs to cleaned up afterwards. Tables put back where they belong, chairs tucked in, bookcases put back to the same location they were etc. 


The library is open for book exchange at specified times each day.  A student may exchange their book at any of these times.  

  • First grade may check out one book at a time and second through sixth grades may check out two books at time.  
  • Kindergarten does not check out books.
  • Books are checked out for 7 days, after which they are overdue.

There are no overdue fines assessed at King Elementary; however, students with an overdue book must make every attempt to find their book and get it back within three weeks. If the book is over three weeks late the student will not be allowed to check any more books out until the missing book is returned, renewed, or the replacement and processing cost is paid. All lost or damaged books must be paid for within one month.  If it is a hardship for the family to pay for the book and the cost is under $10.00 the student can work it off by helping out in the library during the students recess. The student will need to get permission from their parent or guardian. The duration and time is up the media specialist. The student will dust and straighten up books shelves etc. If the student does not come as scheduled then the money will be due at that time. If the student does not pay the replacement cost and processing for their book then they will not be able to check out any more books here at King until the fine is paid in full. If a new student enrolls at King, owing books or fines to their previous school the student will not be allowed to check out any books here at King until the books are returned or paid for. 

Teachers may check out up to 50 books/materials for a month and may renew them unless another teacher has requested them.  Staff can check out three books at a time. All library materials are due three weeks before school is out. As soon as inventory is, completed teachers can check out the materials they need. However, everything should be back to the library two days before the last day of school.

All patrons must pay the replacement and processing cost for lost books or damaged library materials.  If the material is subsequently found within 90 days from the payment date, the monies will be reimbursed. Damaged books will be assessed a fee based on the severity of the damage and the age of the book. This will be determined by the library media specialist. If a book gets wet or pages are ripped out of the book etc., the full replacement cost and processing will be due.


While students are in the library they are expected to follow the rules: eyes on Mrs. Olney, ears listening, mouth quiet, zip it lock put it in your pocket, hands and feet to myself, and have library book.  If a student is not checking out a book or has an overdue and cannot check out a book 1st - 3rd grade must read an easy paperback book from the paperback bin.  4th- 6th grade must bring a book from class to read. If a student forgets to bring a book, they are sent back to class to get one. Good behavior is expected and will be rewarded with a bookmark, pencil etc. on occasion.  The media specialist has a three-strike rule in the library for students who misbehave. First strike: student gets a warning. Second strike: student is moved to a different location in the library. Third strike:  student is moved to a table to sit with head down for the duration of their library time.
Students are not allowed to check out books that day or come to open library.


Computer Access
Students may use the library computers for instruction or research during their scheduled class time and during individual checkout times. Students may lose library computer privileges if not adhering to the District Acceptable Use Agreement or the library procedures (appendix A).


Materials selected for the collection are purchased from the Davis School District list of approved vendors. The majority of the purchases will come from Rainbow Books, Perma Bound, Amazon, Follett, Scholastic and Overdrive etc.  Materials selected for the library will support the curriculum and the recreational needs of students.  Books may be selected using publishers lists and reviews by School Library Journal etc. Materials are chosen for their accuracy, timeliness, and provision of balanced views. They will include award winning books and popular series. Materials will meet the maturity/ developmental level of students and will provide for the younger as well as the more mature readers. The media specialist takes suggestions from other librarians in the district as well as teachers, students and parents. The media specialist selects the books for the library. The principal will approve all purchases made by the media specialist.


Books donated to the library are appreciated and will be dealt with at the discretion of the library media professional following the selection criteria policy.  Unwanted items may be sold at a used book sale, donated to students, or another organization, or given to a recycling vendor.  Gift cards from Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc. are appreciated and will be used to buy new books for our library.

In order to maintain an attractive and up-to-date collection, all materials are evaluated for weeding. Materials may be removed from the collection for being out dated, inaccurate, damaged, duplicate, unused, or no longer part of the curriculum. Award winning or heavily circulated materials that are damaged or worn out may be replaced at the librarian’s discretion when funding is available.  Books that can no longer be repaired will be thrown out through the school trash pick-up.


The media specialist at King Elementary does not use student or parent volunteers. The students shelve their own books once they have learned how to use the library.


To help maintain a timely collection and aid in material selection an inventory will be done each year. The entire collection will be inventoried at the end of each school year.


Challenged Library Materials
Davis School District recognizes the right of parents under state law and District Policy 11IR-107 Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in Public Schools, to restrict their child's access to materials the parent deems inappropriate. However, no parent has the right to make that decision on behalf of other students. A parent desiring to restrict their own child's access to specific library books or materials shall submit the request in writing to the library professional at the school the child is attending.

Davis School District has approved a Challenged Library Materials Procedure for any complaints regarding collection holdings.  The policy and forms can be obtained online at http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/Page/46

Library Advisory Committee
King Library Advisory Committee will help provide input, promote library programs and may assist in challenges to library materials. This committee will be formed early in the school year and shall meet at least one time during the school year. They may also help as the Collection Evaluation Committee.


Collection Evaluation Committee
King Collection Evaluation Committee responds to challenges to library materials. The Collection Evaluation Committee consists of an odd number of voting members, not less than five, and may include an administrator, counselor, upper and lower grade level teacher, parent representative, and student representative where appropriate. The school library media teacher or library media specialist shall be a voting member of and chair the committee. Both Committees have the same members for each.




School Library Events

Add information about any school library events or programs.

This may include Literacy Nights, book clubs, book fairs, Book Battles, author visits, challenges or reading events. 

Book Lists and Reviews

And Links to your favorite book lists, author blogs, or created documents of information about books.

Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Elementary DESK
K-5 Elementary Library Media Standards and Scope and Sequence 

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards


Library Destiny Catalog 
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Utah's Online Library Database Catalog
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