Principal Message

dan hansen

Welcome to E.G. King Elementary School – Home of the Lions!

Our school has proudly served families who reside in Layton City, Utah since our doors opened in 1967.  Our staff is passionate about educating our community’s children and each day we commit to provide a student-centered and adaptive learning environment that promotes collaboration, fosters accountability, and cultivates grit through rigorous and relevant educational activities.  Our motto, Pride in Excellence, reminds school staff and students to take pride in our work as we try to achieve our goals each and every day.  Our school’s core values guide the actions of our students and staff, and they serve as a compass for the work that we perform here at our school.  We believe in being…


We proudly commit to providing consistent opportunities for students to create personal goals, reflect on their learning and monitor their understanding as a way of promoting student ownership.  We commit to identifying effective practices that help students learn through analyzing and collecting data and we commit to consistently informing parents about their student’s behavior at school and their progress in mastering academic standards in their grade-level.


We proudly commit to demonstrating a growth mindset by studying and learning about current trends and educational practices that inform and improve our job performance.  We commit to being flexible with the path, place, and the pace of which students learn.  We also commit to encourage students to be innovative, creative, and accept failure as part of the learning process while providing students with learning opportunities that are both relevant and related to the real world.


We proudly commit to utilizing a variety of instructional resources and curriculum to empower students to choose their learning path, pace, and performance tasks.  We commit to addressing students’ individual learning needs and to help them achieve their learning goals by regularly incorporating students’ individual learning interests, their strengths, and their skills into their learning experiences.  We also commit to developing strong relationships with our students by getting to know them individually and by helping them to get to know us.


We proudly commit to collaborating with students to co-construct their own individual learning paths and we commit to collaborating with parents to learn about their child and how we can help them be successful and to grow.  We also commit to consistently collaborate with co-workers to address students’ individual learning needs.  Finally, we commit to building community partnerships and utilizing community resources to enrich and improve student learning.

Resilient (Demonstrate Grit)

We proudly commit to regularly providing SEL (Social Emotional Learning) opportunities that allow students to develop self-awareness, relationship skills, self-efficacy, working stamina, self-regulation, stick-with-it-ness and other 21st Century Learning Skills or “soft skills” like Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration.  We also commit to conferencing and discussing with students the importance of developing a growth mindset, setting personal goals, and identifying the steps that would be required for the child to reach both short and long-term goals.  Finally we commit to providing learning opportunities that allow students to interact with or research adults and other role models who have demonstrated passion, perseverance, resilience, and grit to achieve success.

We are excited to work with your children and we are proud of our commitment to providing them a quality education here at King Elementary.  We look forward to working with you and we hope that you will be proud to have your family attend our school.



Dan Hansen, Principal