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Principal’s Message February

As King Elementary’s “old” but new principal, I’d like to introduce myself to this wonderful community. Three weeks ago I knew two people at this school. Now I feel as though I have 600 new friends. We will get to know one another better in the coming months and I look forward to that. Schools are partners with parents to help students succeed in life. We do that best when we support the efforts of each other, knowing everything we do is in the child’s best interest.

I’m a Southern Utah homebody who has lived on four continents and six different states. I love hiking in the red rock desert, sitting and knitting in front of a fire, reading nonfiction adventure books where the protagonists barely escape death, and challenging myself. Taking this job after being retired, living a year and a half in Chile struggling to communicate in Spanish, and taking cello lessons after a fifty-year vacation from the violin have been three recent challenges I’ve signed up for. I love schools and I love learning. (Oh, and I have seven fabulous children, twenty-three amazing grand-children and a husband of fifty years who still likes being with me.)

While I am here, I want to continue the good things that King Elementary routinely does, following the District’s focus on Student Growth and Achievement, Empowered Employees, Safety and Security, Fiscal Responsibility, Parent and Community Connections all wrapped up with a bow called Culture.

A school’s culture is defined by its integrity: the way kids are respected—in the lunchroom, the playground, the classroom and the office; the way teachers and staff interact and communicate with families and the way educators work together, knowing that every child can learn, and that we are all in this business because we love helping students learn new things every day. And because we just love kids.

Happy February!